"Yaana assisted me during a very challenging period. Her empathy and understanding coupled with practical tools for self-care were integral in helping me gain perspective and move forward in my journey. I highly endorse her skills and it is with pleasure I provide this testimonial."

L.G. Business Development and Sales, Canada




"Having never had any contact or experience with counsellors, I had no idea what to expect from this process. I thought it may be an hour meeting once a month where I would talk and she would listen. I could not have imagined how drastically different it would be.

She was, in the beginning, my lifeline to staying sane, my advocate for what I wanted, my champion for helping me realize what I needed. She made me think, made me accountable, made me stronger. Her availability of anytime, day or night, her obvious joy of helping people always shining through, her gift of strength for me to move forward every day - all amazed me.

I could not have navigated the difficulties of the circumstances I found myself in without her unflagging strength to see only the possibilities in any situation. She knows how to distIll down any situation to the base truth, and to show you what you need to see or hear in that exact moment. She provided a place for me to heal and grow and understand me; finally."

 K.P. Property Developer, Canada




"Working with Yaana has been immensely helpful - she has given me clear guidelines in how to approach relationships - with others and with myself. She is the only therapist I have worked with via Skype, and I was surprised to discover that our sessions were just as powerful as my sessions with therapists in person. Yaana is transparent and authentic - her true personality shines through, which overflows with genuine loving kindness and passion for healing and growth. I love Yaana's approach - she offers incredible tools, insights and presence."

Z.E. Art Therapist, Baja California

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“Open so fully to the light that there is room for nothing else”

This is my favorite suggestion Yaana has invited me to consider. My father was physically violent to my brothers and me when we were small children.  This Christmas, I decided to stop being the victim. I chose to take in Yaana’s suggestion and open myself so fully to the light that there was room for nothing else.

I thanked my father for being physically and emotionally violent to me when I was a young child.  I thanked him because in order to survive and thrive in the entertainment industry as an actor, I needed to be physically and emotionally tough; the treatment I received from the father I loved was the perfect experience to assist in developing this toughness in me.  

What happened next was something I did not expect.  My father apologized for the first time to my brothers and me for his violence.

Then my mother began to cry, saying how deeply she appreciated hearing the words “I am sorry” from my father.  She said her tears poured out as the result of the ice melting from her heart. I told my father we all loved him and wanted to know much more about him.  I told him we were too scared of him to be emotionally close to him before but his apology had allowed us to fully love him without fear.

This is not a scene from a Hollywood movie.  This is real life. And what seemed to me like a complete fantasy became a reality because, through the years I had worked with Yaana, she had trained me to be open, honest, clear, respectful, and honor self and all others close to us.  And the culmination of my training with Yaana amounted to me becoming the light. Because of my work with Yaana, my father changed from being my enemy and the perpetrator of child abuse to being my friend, my teacher, my mentor, my caregiver and someone I respected and loved.

Yaana also taught me how to eat and exercise right, and as a result I am 30 pounds leaner today than when I started working with her five and a half years ago. I am physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthier than ever!

I am definitely recommending Yaana to anyone who would like to heal from, let go of, and incorporate their past into their present lives. I am definitely recommending Yaana for anyone seeking happiness without quite knowing how to go about looking for it.

K.Y. Hollywood Actor, USA

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